Application Testing

Better Quality Assurance through in-depth understanding of business needs, systems and testing tools.

While cost continues to be important for QA & Testing Organizations, the main drivers for today’s market are still overall product quality and time to market. Adoption of Agile by both Independent Software Vendors and the Enterprise moves Testing Teams from the formal execution of predominantly manual test cases into a business centric risk-driven approach to testing with focus on requirements validation, automated regression testing, and continuous integration. These changes allow us to deliver products and applications on-time, optimize testing cycle, increase the number of new features covered, and drive implementation of the “all defects known” paradigm.

Modern infrastructure, connectivity and Internet speeds, a global move toward Mobile and Cloud, as well as user expectations for sub-second response times, combine to drive ever more stringent requirements for the deployment of Cross-Platform compatible, high-performance, high-availability, stable systems.

These factors are transforming Quality Departments, emphasizing more industry specialization, the adoption of modern processes, quality tools and methods, a shift from metrics driven formal models to more agile, outcome based models, and an increased interest in Testing as a Service (TaaS) offerings.

we strive to provide effective, robust software solutions to our clients. We acknowledge that software is a significant investment and therefore we have a responsibility to ensure it assists in the success of our clients business.

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