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Working to bring diverse products from concept to production 

Shifts in the software industry – from new ways to interact with data and applications (web, mobile) to radical new approaches of deploying and delivering services (Cloud, SaaS) – can radically transform a market overnight. To cope with these escalating expectations and challenges, engineering organizations are increasingly looking for new types of partners. Partners that understand their unique challenges. Partners that can offer them proven solutions. Partners that can think like they do.

ACG Prorelsys  Advantage

For almost 4 years ACG Prorelsys Technologies has been focused on providing engineering services to the world’s leading software companies. We are consistently recognized as a select vendor in the Product Development Outsourcing space, and see it as one of the main growth drivers for our business today.

Clients benefit from ACG Prorelsys Technologies technological excellence

Our clients range from some of the best-known packaged software giants, to young, innovative startups, to established Internet powerhouses. One of the best ways for us to consistently deliver value to them is to invest in our people – developing their skills and business knowledge via dedicated Competency Centers covering every major technology on the market. From traditional enterprise development platforms to Web, RIA, Open Source, embedded, LAMP, mobile, cloud solutions and many others, our people bring a current and deep understanding of the technologies needed to get the job done right.

Repeatable and predictable success

Learning firsthand from the world’s most successful software organizations, we have unique expertise in development methodologies ranging from traditional (waterfall, RUP) to iterative (Agile), and with a range of associated toolsets. Recognizing the specific needs of distributed product development organizations, ACG Prorelsys Technologies created the Global Delivery Ecosystem – an end-to-end, cloud based environment well recognized by industry experts. In addition, we have built up an extensive �toolbox? of other project management tools – ranging from commercial packages to open source and custom built solutions – letting us providing the right development framework for every client engagement.

To ensure we continue to stay ahead of the market, ACG Prorelsys Technologies has established an internal Engineering Productivity Group, dedicated to helping our teams identify and adopt industry’s best practices to achieve greater efficiency. ACG Prorelsys Technologies has an extensive set of metrics that we analyze and continuously improve upon, so clients benefit from this productivity increase as they continue to work with us.

Full cycle engineering

In addition to offering core engineering, testing and support services, ACG Prorelsys Technologies also has value to bring at every stage of the development process – from analyzing requirements to rapid prototyping, usability, architecture analysis and design, maintenance and ongoing support, as well as integration with professional services organizations.

Product Development companies can access the combined expertise of ACG Prorelsys Technologies ‘s architecture teams, our multiple expert groups, and our Technology Competency Centers. Our Senior Software Architects work with our PDO clients to conduct upfront analysis helping them to generalize product and business requirements to create sustainable architectures or validate existing product blueprints. Our Information Architecture Lab provides Usability Design and Testing services that guarantee that products are optimized for adoption by their target audiences

we strive to provide effective, robust software solutions to our clients. We acknowledge that software is a significant investment and therefore we have a responsibility to ensure it assists in the success of our clients business.

how can we help you?

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