Business Information & Media

We help our clients process, package, organize, and monetize information.

ACG Prorelsys Technologies provides advanced capabilities and services to a number of leading Business Information and Media companies. In partnership with our clients, we build products and solutions for all modern platforms including Web media streaming and Mobile information delivery. Our consultants and engineers have an advanced understanding of the modern technologies and tools that power information delivery and a deep appreciation of the applications and standards used in the information and knowledge exchange industries.

Generating value and profit from content

By delivering a comprehensive range of solutions and services, ACG Prorelsys Technologies is positioned to bring sustainable value generation and measurable return-on-content investment for organizations within the Business Information and Media industries. Our consultants and IT professionals understand the solutions that can help you find new revenuesources, satisfy your needs for varied delivery channels, and continue to grow profitably.

We have gained our significant experience in the Business Information and Media industries from working with many top-tier media companies. We bring a rich, reusable architecture and proven platforms and solutions to your projects, including Adobe’s Day CQ, Liferay Enterprise Portal and Application Store framework, InfoNgen’s Discovery Appliance, and ACG Prorelsys Technologies ‘s cloud-based solutions platform. Our advanced methodologies for requirements gathering and process documentation are recognized worldwide by leading industry authorities. And our unique project framework helps ensure quality and reduce the costs associated with building, operating, and supporting complex content creation and delivery systems.

Strategy and IT experience meets industry knowledge

In addition to their deep technical knowledge, our professionals have real world market experience having worked for companies of all sizes in the industry in which they specialize. Consequently they bring specific business insight and knowledge to your projectand have a proven track record in all the following Business Information and Media sectors: Entertainment Media News Providers Broadcasting Companies Financial Information Providers Content Distributors Knowledge Management Advertising Networks Search Engines

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We were amazed by how little effort was required on our part to have Consulting. We exchanged a few phone calls and e-mails, and they… handled the rest.

Amanda Seyfried