Agile Practices

Delivering Agile is about more than Scrum principles. Agile delivered is about best practices for each individual engagement.

Over 60% of our projects are delivered using Agile methodologies. We are experts at ‘pragmatic Agile’ – making Agile work in the real world and customizing Agile principles to the needs and capabilities of each client.

Our key approaches to Agile Development include:

Extreme Programming (XP)
Lean Software Development (LSD)
Agile Project Management (APM)
Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)
MSF for Agile

ACG Prorelsys advantage

While an Agile methodology may offer certain advantages over more traditional waterfall methodologies, ACG Prorelsys recognizes that there is no ‘one size fits all’ Agile. Successful Agile implementations can be based on a range of different tools and processes. We work with you to identify and implement the practices that work best with your IT resources and that can deliver the greatest advantages to your business.

Best practices that drive measureable results Recognized in the software industry as an expert in Agile methodologies, we adhere closely to the best practices that ensure your project is of the highest quality: Coding Standards: ensure uniform coding, while reducing oversight errors and the time spent for code review

Test Driven Development: (TDD) produces verified code more rapidly

Pair Programming: enables faster time to release, while contributing more creative and sophisticated ideas to problem resolution

Collective Ownership of Code: speeds the error free development process

Configuration Management: avoids delivery delays later on in the project cycle

Designing for Simplicity: results in simpler and cleaner code chunks

Continuous Improvement: addresses development bottlenecks faster by making on-the-fly changes to the source code without affecting the program’s functional behavior

Continuous Build Integration: facilitates progress tracking and enables process continuity

Peer Team Reviews: detect and remove defects in the development process as early as possible

Project Management: introduces transparency and traceability into the project through comprehensive performance reporting and KPIs

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